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29th Jan 09
The Children of St Marks Primary School are having a non-uniform day in February to help raise money for the trip's charity, Newbury District Cancer Care. The Rainbow Room is funded by the charity and the children will be wearing rainbow themed clothes (if they want to) - to brighten up the long winter days!

Pictures to follow after the assembly where I am hoping to tell them that long distance cycling has a lot to do with school: Calculating distances, Geography, Problem Solving etc - should be fun.

30th Jan 09
Fundraising page is live on

7th Feb 09 - The school assembly was postponed until 8th May due to the school bring closed because of snow. The icy roads have also put a halt to training, after coming off a month ago I'm a little apprehensive of black ice so have resorted to indoor biking and pulling sledges up steep hills!
Although i was spotted as the snow thawed a bit....
biking in the snow

15th Feb 09 - 60 mile weekend

22nd Feb 09 - 65 mile weekend

28th Feb 09 - 60 miles in one hit - longest ride so far

2nd Mar 09 - GYM sessions start!! For the next 2 months 8am to 9am is the new routine.

4th Mar 09 - Local physio needed to examine right knee

7th Mar 09 - Longest ride yet - and right knee holds up

14th Mar 09 - Lost somewhere near Devizes!

20th Mar 09 - First 100 mile ride

26th Mar 09 - MRI scan on knee to find out what the trouble is with longer distances and general pain

27th Mar 09 - GPS tracker added to site. Now the phone in my pocket will transmit my location every few minutes and you can select the type of map to view if you want to literally "followsimon"!

4th Apr 09 - Brought back to life with Mars Bar!

4th Apr 09 - Speed record smashed! A mile long 14% descent into Hurstbourne Tarrant propelled me to my fastest speed of 42.4mph.

9th Apr 09 - £1000 of donations online at - a third of the way to the target - thank you!

22nd Apr 09 - Banjo Bikes in Newbury BG FIT assessment.

26th Apr 09 - BIG BEN - 121 mile training run

8th May 09 - A really nice welcome at St Marks School for the assembly. Thank you all so much for the £280 raised.

10th May 2009 - With a day or so to go then its time to say thanks to all those that have helped so far:-
Phil Harris for his physio help, Rachael Atkinson for her knowledge and advice on what we need to consider, Banjo bikes for helping set the bike up, Mick F for his route advice (more on this later), Trail Junkies for checking the bikes over and giving us a brilliant deal on spares, Dean at BuySpecsDirect for sorting us out with eyewear...more to come............


I wont be able to update the news whilst on the go so check the RIDE LOG for daily updates and THE ROUTE for where I am.

11th May 2009 - No more news for now, up at 4am tomorrow and at last we are on our way. Keep an eye on the Ride Log for more updates.

12th May 2009 - We are on our way read the full ride log

18th May 2009 - WE MADE IT. 872 Miles in 7 days. 79 Saddle hours (inc breaks during the day), 51,000 calories and many other stats of interest probably only to me and Trevor! (oh and no punctures!)


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