Land's End to John O'Groats 2009


About my Dad - John Tillyer.

John Tillyer, my Dad was a great man, a postitive guiding force to me as a child and young adult, anything I wanted to do would be possible with the right attitude - one which no doubt I sometimes lacked but more often than not got pointed back on the straight and narrow! His family values were legendary and ones that I can only hope have rubbed off on me. His love of travel is something I know I have inherited, as you may have guessed.

Dad had a great life, initially training as a wood working apprentice he joined the Military Police for his National Service. After this he joined the regular police and for 30 years was a local Police Constable (PC1152) with little interest in promotion (mainly due to the bureaucracy and paperwork), he was a people person and wanted to be on his beat. Whether it be cycling around Greenham Common each day during the 1980's or servicing the local Newbury and Thatcham people he absolutely loved his job. Whenever we were on holiday or out and about we would always bump into someone he knew (or had arrested a few years previously) no matter where we were.

Dad was a very keen railway modeller and David Lockwood has some words about his passion on this link here

After retiring from the Police he enjoyed a semi-retirement in his late 50's and early 60's working for Quantel, Thatcham Garden Centre and Newbury Tools with plenty of travel in between until retiring completely and travelling even more! Dad was very active until early 2008 when after a short illness he passed away.




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