Land's End to John O'Groats 2009


A Cyclists Guide to LEJOG

About the trip

Lands End to John O'Groats is a well known route, a journey made by thousands of walkers, cyclists and people using other modes of transport - its a well trodden path!

The South to North route is preffered for a number of reasons, firstly the wind tends to blow south westerly so should be on your back and secondly the hills in Cornwall are known to be steep and plentiful whereas the Scottish Highlands are more gradual - well that's what they say. You can take a look at the route page of the site to see the profile.

A bit about the trip and explaining the reason behind it. You can read a bit here about my Dad (just click the link) but suffice to say its a trip in his memory and a chance to raise some money for a well deserving cause.

Newbury District Hospital provide a wonderful service and are supported by Newbury District Cancer Care Trust. The Trust provide many home care services as well as funding the Rainbow Room at the hospital, a very private room where the patient and family can be together for as long as they want with all the comforts of home (kitchen, sofabed etc).

So this is the charity I decided I wanted to try and give something back to. After Dad died I found myself needing to keep very busy (even busier than usual) so I brought a new bike and decided I wanted to go a long way on it!

So after months of seemingly endless training, giving up tennis, and missing most weekends the day finally came. The few weeks before I was busy lett ing my training sores heal, avoiding colds, packing the panniers and generally annoying most people I came into contact with came and with!

You'll notice another chap in the pictures. Trevor joined me with about 2 months to go - he was pretty much "match fit" but still put in a lot of cycling work in the time we had left culminating in the two of us cycling to London, a 122mile round trip from home. Two or three times per week we would be up at 6am and be on the road getting in the training miles. Take a look at the training page to see the progress leading up to the trip.

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